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Use ice cuber matters needing attention

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Refrigerator frost and water vapor in the air is the life that occupy the home, freezer.Refrigerator inner surface frost, water vapor come from there?It is known that most of the water vapor from the air
Refrigerator frost and water vapor in the air is the life that occupy the home, freezer.Refrigerator inner surface frost, water vapor come from there?It is known that most of the water vapor from the air, when people open the refrigerator to store food, indoor air and free exchange gas inside the refrigerator, indoor wet air quietly into the refrigerator.Part of this water vapor from the storage of food in the refrigerator, such as clean vegetables, fruits in the crisper, vegetables and other foods in the moisture to evaporate, condense into frost when they get cooler.

Especially in the summer, indoor temperature is high, the humidity is big, the room temperature and the refrigerator temperature difference is big.When open the refrigerator, a chill from the inside to the outflows, and indoor air to drill into the refrigerator.A little time, refrigerator appears frost on the side wall.People also found that, even if not to put anything in the fridge, often open the refrigerator will be the thick layer of frost, visible moisture in the fridge from a large portion of the water vapor in the air.

The refrigerator defrost ingenious ways

Some refrigerator to defrost, artificial defrost refrigerator is both time-consuming and laborious, and defrosting effect is poor.Here recommend to you a defrosting.According to the size of a refrigerator freezer, cut a piece of plastic film is a bit thick, put in freezer frost on the wall, don't need to use any glue, a stick.Defrost, remove cold food temporarily, off plastic film and jitter, frost can all fall off, and then to a thin film, in the food, continue to use.

How to energy saving refrigerator

A, away from heat source, keep the gap Every increase of 5 ℃, temperature around the refrigerator inside it will increase 25% of power consumption.Therefore, should be placed as far as possible away from heat source place, in the shadow of ventilation as well.Don't directly in the refrigerator, hot food at room temperature into again and again.Indoor frozen food had better use plastic bag packaging, can quickly freeze, not prone to dry, and free moisture into the frost;Food should not be too full, should leave gaps between the refrigerator wall, to facilitate flow of air conditioning;Frozen food, before eating the best, in a planned way, turn it to defrost freezer.

Second, do not frequently open the door If the door is too frequent, on the one hand, can make the refrigerator power consumption increased significantly, but also can reduce the service life of the refrigerator.As a result of the refrigerator is larger, the door is open if the number is more, in the cold air to escape, the warm moist air to fly in and outside the box will make the rise of temperature in the cabinet.At the same time, into the trunk of humid air are easy to make evaporator surface frost is accelerated, thickening of the frost layer.Due to frost thermal conductivity material coefficient of thermal conductivity is much smaller than the evaporator, go against heat conduction, slowly falling the temperature in the cabinet, the compressor working time, wear faster, increase power consumption.If the evaporator surface frost layer thickness is greater than 10 mm, the heat transfer efficiency will decline by more than 30%, which reduces the refrigeration efficiency greatly.In addition, when the door is opened at the same time, the light in the cabinet is open, both electricity and heat, is conducive to energy conservation.Three, power outages, peak electricity if you worry about peak season "electricity", we suggest you had better use the high quality compressor refrigerator has "time-sharing electricity, power outage preservation" function of the refrigerator.This kind of refrigerator in electricity, under the condition of sudden power failure for up to 20 hours, still can refrigeration lasts;And its "time-sharing meter electricity" function can avoid the peak period of expensive electricity refrigerating, automatically "peak power".In Beijing, for example, if the 22 PM until 8 o 'clock the morning a quarter of the price is a peak price, consumers can be 22 points to off-peak input for the refrigerator at 8 computer control panel.So refrigeration systems in night 22 points automatically open, refrigeration and cold storage, electricity price rise to eight o 'clock, mini fans, driven by a battery send the cold storage tanks was blown to the food inside the refrigerator, so as to fully use the low valley electricity, avoiding the high peak power.Four, note the weather began to heat up, the utilization rate of refrigerator are higher, but you know, freezer can extend the deadline to keep food, is not quite safe "safe".If over a certain time, the refrigerator save all kinds of food will lose the original delicious flavor and nutrition.Because in the food may have been taken into some bacteria and viruses, the temperature of the refrigerator freezer is not zero, a lot of bacteria may be lurking in the low temperature environment, waiting time long will to a large number of breeding, bellowing, save food moldy and rotten.We must take the following precautions: 1, into the refrigerator food must be clean, clean.Fruits, vegetables and other foods can add after rinse, drain.Raw fish and chicken duck class should be clean water after the gut off, can in the fridge.2, refrigerator use one to two weeks after the application of dip the soft cloth to wipe the warm water one to two times, do not use washing powder, household cleanser and gasoline cleansing.3, raw and cooked food don't stored in a container, raw vegetables and fruits do not contact with raw meat, fish, etc, to prevent bacterial contamination.4, put in the refrigerator food to have a certain gap between, don't close to refrigerator left and right wall and back wall, so that air convection, the refrigerator put shoulds not be too full.5, to minimize the number and time of opening the door to reduce the heat to enter.I feel cold food should not be commonly more than five to seven days, took the food such as sour found moldy, corruption should not eat again.6, hot summer weather, cold drinks, frozen taken from the refrigerator, beverage, fruit, food, etc should be slightly placed at room temperature before eating, avoid sudden cold stimulation cause gastralgia, enteritis, diarrhea, or to make the original suffering from high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, stroke and other disease aggravating illness, particularly pay attention to the old person, child.7, the refrigerator should be away from the oven, or compressor is bad.8. Refrigerator put also has exquisite, general should pay attention to the following two questions: put in the refrigerator, generally should be reserved in both 5 -- 10 cm, above 10 cm, back 10 cm space, can help the refrigerator heat dissipation.Don't put them with the stereo, TV, microwave ovens and other appliances, these electric heat will increase the power consumption of refrigerator.